With consistent investment on engineering sources, Effiplus positions itself to be a tire solution provider. Its main categories include truck tires and passenger car tires.

The company is determined to build a premium brand image in the industry and grow together with selective ‘same boat’ partners.

In the OE market, our company provides OE services for 36 global machinery and auto manufacturers, such as Liebherr, Terex, Sandvik, Atlas Copco, Doosan, JCB, XCMG, Zoomlion, LongKing, New Ocean, etc. In the replacement market, our tires have been sold to 135 countries and regions worldwide...

Effiplus' Value

  • Effiplus Technology is from our own R & D team that can do customized design according your input. Experienced engineering team assure to launch new patterns continuously.
    R & D
    the key for our business sustainability
  • Effiplus brand tires keep consistant quality assurance & verification system, all products are full in compliance with Labeling regulation. Effiplus tires have attained key international quality certifications, such as DOT, E-Mark,GCC,INMETRO,SONCAP,CCC.
    Quality Assurance
    the power of our business conduct
  • Effiplus products are all with silica compound which can bring low rolling resistance. Special “ Noise insulation” tread design to reduce noise; Infusing art and life elements sidewall design are adopted in most of new products.
    Product Feature
    the way to make our dream a reality
  • Release theme marketing to appreciate partners/end users or dealer incentive, like “Retail ‘Beauty Contest’ “ Golden Week Trip” etc. Meanwhile, we also provide deco package and promotion items.
    Marketing And Service
    the spirit of growing together

Latest News

Effiplus Deco Package Well Exhibited in Spain
Effiplus Deco Package Well Exhibited in Spain
As we all know, elaborate decoration packages play an important role in building the brand awareness in the local market. Like what many premium brands do, Effiplus is also providing different gargets to its local partners to help them brin
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HERMAS: Effiplus New Comfort Pattern Launched
HERMAS: Effiplus New Comfort Pattern Launched
After several months of preparation, the first piece of HERMAS was unveiled on Dec. 1st, 2015. As the 3rd generation HP pattern, HERMAS has epoch-making significance in Effiplus history. HERMAS offers unparalleled features for you to drive
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Portuguese Drift Team Speaks Highly of Effiplus Tyres
Portuguese Drift Team Speaks Highly of Effiplus Tyres
Benefited by the hard work of its Spanish partner, Effiplus is now gaining more and more recognition in Iberian Peninsula. Now here comes a new milestone of Effiplus tyres. Recently, Effiplus team received a letter from a Portuguese team AD
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Effiplus Sponsor Famous Italian Local Soccer Team
Effiplus Sponsor Famous Italian Local Soccer Team
Sports can always help build intimate friendship. Like the Ping-Pong Diplomacy applied by the United States and Chinese Government at early 1970s, Techking and its Italian Partners are enhancing their relationship by sponsoring a famous loc
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Effiplus DAMO Pattern is Well Accepted in Mexico
Effiplus DAMO Pattern is Well Accepted in Mexico
Effiplus commercial service pattern DAMO is inspired by the leaf vein which improves the all seasons grip performance substantially and contributes to high mileage. And the strong carcass with reinforced steel assures its great load capabil
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Happy Chinese Lunar New Year!
Happy Chinese Lunar New Year!
Happy Chinese Lunar New Year! The Year of Monkey Monkey King, the Most Famous Monkey in China On the Chinese calendar, 2016 is a year of the Monkey according to the Chinese 12-year animal zodiaccycle. Other Monkey years include: 1944, 1956,
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Happy New Year with EFFIPLUS TIRES
Happy New Year with EFFIPLUS TIRES
What are the values of EFFIPLUS TIRES in your mind? If you attend this interaction, a mysterious present is waiting for you.
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New Billboard from Ecuador
New Billboard from Ecuador
Before promoting a brand, we need to give the brand a name on the market firstly. In this way, the customers will have a special position to this brand in their mind.
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Thanks Letter from Effiplus Partner in Ecuador
Thanks Letter from Effiplus Partner in Ecuador
Under the situation that everyone is competing on the price only, what will you do?
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Effiplus Facebook Built by Cambodia Partner
Effiplus Facebook Built by Cambodia Partner
As new media becomes more and more popular nowadays, our Cambodia partner not only apply traditional marketing tools such as making parasols with Effiplus logo for dealers, but also try new media such as Facebook to let more customers know
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Customer Review

  • Since starting the cooperation 2 years ago, the local partner of EF TBR in Kazakhstan has made many efforts in promoting the brand. The first Billboard in Kazakhstan was set up.
  • After five months test by local customers, Effiplus team has received detailed reports from UAE partner METL. The tire mileage is expected to reach more than 180,000km and tire life will be longer than 12 months.
  • Thanks to the improvement, the weight of 12.00R20 has been increased by 0.39kg; Weight of 10.00R20 by 0.52kg. This design has been applied to all patterns of Effiplus TBR, which will promise a better performance in the market.
  • In Bahrain, the mileage of Effiplus brand TBR 315/80R22.5 AM4S M628 reaches 70,000KM, in mix road.
  • Canada
    HIMMER II has been served on Mazda 3 in Canada!
  • Iceland
    ICEKING Won the Road Test in Iceland!
  • Finland
    SATEC III Passed the Road Test in Finland!
  • Russia
    EFFIPLUS 10.00R20 EF-310 delivered a millage more than 200,000km!
  • France
    SATEC III Passed the Road Test in France!
  • Israel
    Report shows the mileage of Effiplus 315/80R22.5 AM4S M628 is 17% to 60% higher than other standard brands!
  • Iran
    Delivering ideal mileage over 110000KM during 7 months in Iran!
  • China
    SATEC III Performed Well on Buick GL8、Odyssey and others.
  • Saudi Arabia
    385/65R22.5 FOLO H291 is still running after serving more than 8 months in Saudi Arabia!
  • Taiwan
    12R22.5 FOLO R199 has well finished its second life after first retread in Taiwan!
  • Indonesia
    After entering Indonesia for 2 months, Effiplus TBR has been serving for 18000KM!It is very good for one tire can serve 7 to 8 months,But the service time of EF 7.50R16 MOBY R842 is estimated to reach 11 months!
  • Thailand
    With the efforts of Effiplus Thailand partner,10.00R20 MOBY R802 has been retreaded by the customers'own retreading factory!
  • Zambia
    FOLO199 has done test over 50000KM and still looks new!After 100000KM,still running in good condition.
  • In addition to Iran outside Israel in the Middle East
    DIn very hard road,all brands never reach 40000KM but EFFIPLUS could reach 38000KM!
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Until March of 2014, Techking company has been serving up to 135 countries.

Techking is the official OE supplier for more than 36 machinery and vehicle manufacturers.

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