Real Case-- Right Inflation Pressure Longer Life


Please note that low inflation would cause abnormal tire deflection, which builds up heat and causes irregular wear.

During the on-site visit in UAE, Effiplus engineer discovered a truck tire with low inflation pressures, 12.00R24 MOBY R802, T2 trailer position, in 96PSI. The tire was irregular wore and the depth of three groove were 9.2mm, 7.2mm, 4.6mm. The estimated tire life is about 8 months.

Effiplus engineers recommended that the tire pressure should be 130~140 PSI for trailers in that truck instead of 96 PSI. After that improvement, the estimated tire life would be increased from 8 months to 10 months, 25% longer!!

Except for the right tire with right usage, inflation pressure maintaining is also important! If you need any technical support, please feel free to consult our Effiplus engineers!!

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