‘Be Logic, Doing, Synergy’, to be the Storm Riders ——


In January 29th, 2015, The Annual Conference of Techking was held successfully in Sophia International Hotel, Qingdao. ‘Be Logic, Doing, Synergy’ is the key words of this annual meeting, which leads the whole meeting with high efficiency. 

*James Wang, the vice president of Techking, and Monica from HR department were the hosts of this annual meeting.

At the beginning of the meeting, two hosts introduced the agenda and rules. All participants divided into teams and competed by scores in order to make the content of the meeting truly practical. During the meeting, the general manager of Techking, Tech Wang shared the summary of 2015 and the planning of 2016 according the tires market. And the Administration Department launched the company organization structure, staff protection standards, accountability management system and other regulatory system in 2016. 

In the end, several employees who have the excellent performance at different positions shared their experience. The conference adhered the principle of fast and high efficiency, which brings the warm interaction during the Q&A session.  

*Group discussion session

*The Outstanding Master & Pupil Award

*The Best Practice Award

*The Best Sales Expansion Award

*The Best Synergy Award

*The Best Supporter Award

*Tech answered every question asked by all staff on the spot.

Techking cares about every employee daily life as well as their work. There is a traditional session in the annual conference called ‘Tianbao village head’ Q&A to answer all kinds of questions from employees. Some questions was sharp but also on behalf of the vital interests of employees and Tech has gave a clear answer to the staff, which allow everyone to work proactively in the coming year. 

It’s a challenging year and the opportunity of shuffle the tire industry has taken place, which definitely cause winner and loser. It’s also a year that is full of opportunities. Once you have stood stably, you already could have enough energy to go far no matter how much wind. Techking has full of confidence and ready to go forward with the spirits of logistics, doing and synergy.

Farewell 2015!

Hello 2016!

*The group photo of Techking annual meeting 2015

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