Logic, Doing, Teamwork - 2016 Techking Kickoff Meeting


As a Chinese saying goes, make your whole year’s plans in spring. Just before the Spring Festival, Techking has already set the theme for 2016: Logic, Doing and Teamwork.

To further deepen the understanding of this theme, on Feb. 14th, the Valentines Day, Techking held an outdoor training involving all Techking people. The training included a 33 km march on foot and 7 different challenging missions. Techking team has been divided into 3 teams by the categories of overseas market, domestic market and PCR departments. 

Logical Analysis

One day before, three teams analyzed carefully on the routine of the 33km march and the achievability of the 7 missions. Then, the decision making group of every team made a detailed plan for the march next day, and encouraged every team member to get the victory of the march.   

*The routine of the 33km march

*The analysis of the 33km march and 7 challenging missions

Just Do It

On command, three teams were all ready to start at 7 o’clock on Feb. 14th. 

The kicking-off ceremony of the march

It was the coldest time in Qingdao now and a sudden snow made the task much harder. Although facing such greater difficulty and challenge, Techking people chose to move on.  

*The march in the snow

*A Techking people was preparing to get the permission to start the march

Teamwork Wins

There is no successful individual but successful team. Although, the three teams in the game are the relationship of competition, we didn’t forget to help each other. The journey is full of unknown difficulties, like getting wrong direction. The three teams exchange such important information during the march, such as the right direction and the road condition of the march. Finally, three teams all passed it and arrived at the destination.

*We carried on the team members who were exhausted during the march

*We discuss how to finish the mission together

*The group photo of Techking team when arriving the destination 

Similar to this march, we will suffer the winter of industry and some sudden difficulties. However, as long as we use logic methods and work together, Techking will get through hard times with all our partners together.

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