On May 7th, Techking held the 6th MEA Club in Dubai. As Techking family members, we all share the consensus that Techking club is more than a business meeting but the communication of ideas, emotion and experience.

In the beginning, Tech Wang, president of Techking awarded the new 5-Year partnership medal winners and showed his great appreciation to them.

*The ceremony of awarding 5-Year partnership medal

Tech has delivered a speech of “Techking Strategy in 2016 & 2017”. He analyzed the present conditions of tire industry. He shared his idea of the structural adjustment on product, customer, channel, territory and people.

*The sharing from Tech

James Wang, the vice president of Techking gave a speech of “Categorize + Prioritize”, that illustrate how to execute the structural adjustment strategy in the market. Some partners are also invited to share their experiences on channel development, marketing, customer management, etc. Terry, the TBR engineer also shared ideas on how to develop the customized product in the local market.

The sharing from James Wang

*The sharing of group discussion

In the evening, a special dinner party was held to show our appreciation to all the partners who were dressed in his traditional costume. Since Techking’s partners have been from various nations and also religions, it is just because of the tire we can be so close to each other.

*The partners in their own national costume

*On the stage, Techking people wore Chinese Hanfu and showed our traditional culture

*The group photo of Techking 6th MEA Club

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