On May 22nd and 23rd, Techking 4th Euro Club was held in Essen, before Reifen 2016. Techking holds EURO Club every 2 years in the parallel of Reifen show. From last year, tire industry faces huge challenges from the economic recession, currency flotation risk, fewer needs from end user and more fierce competition with competitors. To share some ideas and solutions for this situation, Techking set up the topic of these EURO Club is ‘Value Rediscovery’.

During the meeting, Tech Wang, the president of Techking analyzed the present situations of tire industry. He shared the strategy of structural adjustment on product, customer, channel, territory and people. James Wang, the vice president of Techking gave a speech of “Categorize + Prioritize”, that illustrate how to execute the structural adjustment strategy in the market. Some partners are also invited to share their experiences on channel development, marketing, customer management, etc.

*The group photo of Techking 4th Euro Club

It is the 29th edition of Reifen Show this year. Ten years ago, Techking participated in Reifen Show at the first time with only 9 s.q.m booth, which started Techking’s dream of supplying tire solutions to the global customers. 

*In 2006, Techking was on Reifen Show with 9 s.q.m standard booth

Compared to 10 years ago, the standard booth turns to be 216 s.q.m and well decorated. Before, Tech Wang could only show some posters and design pictures to the customers, but now the customers can see a full range product displayed in our booth. 

The Techking booth in Reifen 2016

*A group photo with the people from a retreading company, which Tech paid a visit 10 years ago

Rooted in European market for ten years, Techking OTR tires have been already recognized with the excellent quality and high value service. Now Techking supplies OE service for more than 36 global famous machinery manufacturers. According to the market feedback, the performance of some Techking OTR can reach the performance of tier one brand. 

*Techking PROADT, ETD2S, ETCRANE Series Products

As Techking passenger car tire brands, Effiplus and Luxxan exhibited some of its best-selling products: ICEKING as the winter tire, KIRON series for urban SUV application, and high-end confortable tire-HERMAS. Most noticeably, the green electric car tire and self-sealing tire were on show. \

Techking electric car tire was displayed during Essen show

As we all known, “Value Rediscovering” is the theme of Techking overseas market in 2016. During the face-to-face communication on the exhibition, Techking people use the scientific tools and logic methods to help our customers solving their problems from the market with customized, high-valued products and service.

*All the customers on our booth had a nice talk with Techking team

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