With consistent investment on engineering sources, Effiplus positions itself to be a tire solution provider. Its main categories include truck tires and passenger car tires.

The company is determined to build a premium brand image in the industry and grow together with selective ‘same boat’ partners.

In the OE market, our company provides OE services for 36 global machinery and auto manufacturers, such as Liebherr, Terex, Sandvik, Atlas Copco, Doosan, JCB, XCMG, Zoomlion, LongKing, New Ocean, etc. In the replacement market, our tires have been sold to 135 countries and regions worldwide.

We believe longer tire life, lower Cost per Km could bring more value to users & protect the environment. Our engineers keep on improving tire performance to better level, also adjust based on specific working condition. Like better heat release for ME, better anti-wear capacity, overload construction for some South East region, adding stone ejector design for FOLO R199 pattern.

How can EFFIPLUS bring real value to you?

  • Canada
    HIMMER II has been served on Mazda 3 in Canada!
  • Iceland
    ICEKING Won the Road Test in Iceland!
  • Finland
    SATEC III Passed the Road Test in Finland!
  • Russia
    EFFIPLUS 10.00R20 EF-310 delivered a millage more than 200,000km!
  • France
    SATEC III Passed the Road Test in France!
  • Israel
    Report shows the mileage of Effiplus 315/80R22.5 AM4S M628 is 17% to 60% higher than other standard brands!
  • Iran
    Delivering ideal mileage over 110000KM during 7 months in Iran!
  • China
    SATEC III Performed Well on Buick GL8、Odyssey and others.
  • Saudi Arabia
    385/65R22.5 FOLO H291 is still running after serving more than 8 months in Saudi Arabia!
  • Taiwan
    12R22.5 FOLO R199 has well finished its second life after first retread in Taiwan!
  • Indonesia
    After entering Indonesia for 2 months, Effiplus TBR has been serving for 18000KM!It is very good for one tire can serve 7 to 8 months,But the service time of EF 7.50R16 MOBY R842 is estimated to reach 11 months!
  • Thailand
    With the efforts of Effiplus Thailand partner,10.00R20 MOBY R802 has been retreaded by the customers'own retreading factory!
  • Zambia
    FOLO199 has done test over 50000KM and still looks new!After 100000KM,still running in good condition.
  • In addition to Iran outside Israel in the Middle East
    DIn very hard road,all brands never reach 40000KM but EFFIPLUS could reach 38000KM!
Global Sales & Marketing Network

Until March of 2014, Techking company has been serving up to 129 countries.

Techking is the official OE supplier for more than 24 machinery and vehicle manufacturers.

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